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I’m a Michigan native living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I'm a nurse, wife, and momma.  Most of my life revolves around my husband, kids, work, and taking pictures of my girls. I love all the natural wholesome things. Health & Wellness is a passion and I am always looking how to be a healthier me and to help others ditch the awful toxic things that are all around us in todays society. I love essential oils and am currently trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Stay Tuned.

2018 Kid's Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Kid's Holiday Gift Guide

This year I decided to do a MUCH requested blog for what we are doing for our girls for the holiday season. With Toys R Us going out of business, I turned to instagram, google, small shops and of course Target for all of my gifting ideas. I found a lot of small shops that I love that have the most unique toys and my daughter loves every toy she sees on tv and youtube. for the last few months I have been looking up toys and finding ones that I would personally buy for the girls. There is Christmas PJs, stocking stuffers, “big” presents, and also gift ideas for any kids!

Christmas Pajamas

We absolutely adore Kyte Baby. Their pajamas are so soft and amazing, you can find them in every color and for babies and kids up to the size 7T! They’re such a wonderful company and so well made.


Kylie’s absolutely obsessed with these glittery stuffed animals. You can draw designs into the sequins. They’re extremely colorful and fun and I’m not going to lie, I have almost as much fun drawing things into them as she does, ha! Free shipping at Shimmeez, but you can find them at any big box retail store.

Smooshy Mushy

I have literally no idea the obsession with these toys. My daughter loves them and they basically are a stress ball. BUT she like, REALLY loves them and I have to admit I catch myself squishing them sometimes too, ha! They’re at every single retailer. I’m going to link them here.


This company has the most adorable things. ALL of their stuff is extremely high quality and are toys that could be passed down for generation. I was so happy to see they had Hape toys. This is one of my favorite wooden toy companies and when Kylie was little it was so hard to find! I’m absolutely obsessed with the diamond chalk and I know it will be the best stocking stuffer! I got Madison Noah’s Ark and it’s an adorable gender neutral gift for under $50! You can checkout their website here and use code BRITTTTANYJOHNSON15 for 15% off of your purchase!

Our Generation

These dolls are great and are an insanely great value. They are so reasonable and have to many accessories. Kylie loves to be in the Our Generation isle at target where she can pick out outfits and accessories. You can find these dolls here. Below are the things Kylie’s getting!

B. toys

I’ve loved these toys since Kylie was a baby. We purchased the Zany Zoo when she was not even a year old! For Christmas Maddie will be getting the Buggly Wuggly. It’s the little ride-on and has a little spot for storage under the seat! The eyes light up and it makes sounds! You can find B. Toys at Target!

Creative QT

This is one of the most innovative ideas ever. Who has a ton of stuffed animals and blankets that just sit around? If you said no then there is NO way you are a parent, ha! You can stuff this bean bag full of these things. It turns into a chair and you literally are storing all the stuffed animals, extra pillows, and blankets at the same time. GENIUS!? Yep. There is also a neat toy that would make a stocking stuffer called Chore Sticks. These are popsicle sticks with all different chores for your child. These make chores more fun for everyone and gives you a hand! I love this adorable company and hellooooo they are on amazon. Check them out here and use code XOXOBRITTANY for 40% off all of the stuff n’ sits! This code is valid all of November and December.

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Madison will be getting the Lulyzoo portable toddler lounger. These things are SO cool! They easily fold into a backpack for both indoor and outdoor activities! They come in all different styles. An elephant, A hippo, lady bug, lion and zebra! These things are a perfect “big” santa present for your little babe! You can visit their site here to see their loungers and here to see all the other things they have to offer your little ones! You can use code Brittany15 for 15% off!

Kid Kaft

I’m obsessed with their doll houses. They have the 12” doll houses that can fit Barbie but they’re wood and hold up SO well versus the plastic ones. My favorite one is the Rosewood Mansion Dollhouse. My grandma scored it at Costco for $150 when it retails for $250. It has 8 rooms, 2 patios, a garage, a sunroom, and a jacuzzi. It also includes furniture for a 12” doll. Kylie’s going to f r e a k out when she sees it. You can find the rosewood here. You can also see their other toys they make here as well as all the dollhouses they carry here. You can find this brand at any big box retailer also.


This little shop has the cutest stuff all the way from bath and body things to toys and clothing. Their bath line smells heavenly and I’m obsessing over the little wooden toys. This stuff would be the cutest for little babes. I’m also loving the little lunch set. They have the cutest little about me section on their website that I loved getting to know more about this family owned shop! Click here to read it!

Happy Holidays with Whisps!

Happy Holidays with Whisps!