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I’m a Michigan native living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I'm a nurse, wife, and momma.  Most of my life revolves around my husband, kids, work, and taking pictures of my girls. I love all the natural wholesome things. Health & Wellness is a passion and I am always looking how to be a healthier me and to help others ditch the awful toxic things that are all around us in todays society. I love essential oils and am currently trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Stay Tuned.

10 Ways To Use Huggies Natural Care That Are NOT Just For Your Baby!

10 Ways To Use Huggies Natural Care That Are NOT Just For Your Baby!

This post was created in partnership with Huggies Natural Care

When I became a mom I knew I would always want the best for my children. It wasn’t until they were born that I realized every single thing around them effects them! From their food and baby wash to the diapers and wipes we use! I was so happy when I conveniently found Huggies Natural Care at Walmart! I didn’t have to special order them and they were always there when I was getting groceries!

Purchase Huggies Natural Care  HERE

Purchase Huggies Natural Care HERE

After Maddie was born I realized her skin was so sensitive! I was so happy that Huggies Natural Care was always there for us. Huggies Natural Care Wipes are the #1 branded baby wipe and are made with 99% water, are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free and dermatologist tested. Perfect for her baby soft skin!

We ALL have a child who has “accidentally” pulled out baby wipes and left them scattered all overing the room like a December snow storm. So. Much. Fun. BUT- How many times have YOU accidentally pulled out a million wipes when all you REALLY need is one?! Baby wipes often pull 3-4 wipes out at a time which results in wasting wipes. Huggies easy pull dispensing will save you more wipes at every pull!


You can purchase Huggies Natural Care Here! Also, Ibotta has a great offer for you to receive money back HERE!

As a busy mom I swear you can find these wipes all over our home- in my car, living room, diaper bag (of course), and even MY bathroom! I use them so much so that I want to tell you

10 ways you can use wipes that are NOT for just your baby!

  1. Eye makeup remover- You’re welcome. Welcome to a MUCH cheaper alternative to “makeup remover wipes”

  2. After you apply sunless tanner- No one wants carrot fingers. Use baby wipes after you apply to make sure you get the tanner out from all the places it builds up!

  3. Beach Days- living on the east coast we spend A LOT of time at the beach. Almost ALL kids hate sand. Not sure how- but they end up with it on literally every. surface. of their body. I discovered this in a desperate attempt to get the sand off Kylies fingers so she could eat her peanut butter and jelly. Baby wipes take the sand right off of everyones hands!

  4. Fast food wipe down- grab one of the wipes from your diaper bag and wipe down that table your about to eat off, friends. Germs are everywhere.

  5. I know I’m not the only one who spills coffee in my car when I go over a bump. Baby wipes are perfect for in the car spills!

  6. Little Cleaners- Kylie loves to help me clean! I give her a pack of baby wipes and she thinks she is big time helping mama clean up all the things and I know they are safe for her and her skin!

  7. Have you ever gotten dressed and got deodorant on your shirt? The worst. A baby wipe will literally take it right off!

  8. Phone Cleaners- I didn’t know how disgusting my phone was until I cleaned that thing. Think about it- we spend ALL day on our phones- especially me because I work from mine! When your at the park watching the babes play- grab a baby wipe and clean your phone!

  9. Arts and crafts pickup- baby wipes take all the things off like kids paint, washable markers, and crayons! I love using them after we use Kylie’s easel because it takes everything off the white board and chalk board!

  10. Clean your dirty shoes- I love using them on my flats- especially if you’ve stepped in something a baby wipe will almost always get it off!

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