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Hi Friends.

I’m a Michigan native living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I'm a nurse, wife, and momma.  Most of my life revolves around my husband, kids, work, and taking pictures of my girls. I love all the natural wholesome things. Health & Wellness is a passion and I am always looking how to be a healthier me and to help others ditch the awful toxic things that are all around us in todays society. I love essential oils and am currently trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Stay Tuned.

Madame Alexander Middleton Twins Pretend Play

Madame Alexander Middleton Twins Pretend Play

I wanted to first give you guys a little history about me- maker of the tiny humans. When I was a little girl I would sit in my room and play with baby dolls and I would stroll them in the stroller and take them in the car and buckle them in! I would do crafts, play dress up, and pretend I was a teacher and each baby doll and teddy bear was a student. I would make them worksheets and grade them and stick star stickers on their sheets. I remember so vividly doing these things and having so much fun with my own imagination.

Now in this day and age with Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Cartoons, and Playstations there is so much more to do that seems “fun”- or easier than making something up in our own heads. The problem with this is that, as a blogger, I use imagination everyday. I create photos and edit images. I create captions and blog post. I decorate things and place them in the perfect spot. I attribute this all to using my imagination as a little girl. I often wonder what will our future generations look like? Will there be the same creative minds?

Luckily for me Kylie has that same creative mind. She will spend hours in her room. Rocking her babies, feeding them lunch, and being a little mama. Her favorite dolls are her Madame Alexander Middleton Twins!! She loves them because she recently just got baby cousins that are twin boy and girl. She loves to change their diapers and pretends they are crying. She will come up to me and ask me to babysit her twins because she has to go shopping (ha!) and it’s my favorite thing. Maddie has always loved watching Kylie play with these babies but as she is getting older she is wanting to snag one of the twins for herself! Kylie is not super happy about it but she deals with it. Mostly, because this is how it ends if you take the baby dolls away from Maddie! Ha!

We take these babies on walks and in the car and it’s so fun to see her imagination at work. There will be absolute silence and kylie will say “mom can you turn the music down my baby is crying” In these moments I know how important it is to incorporate  “pretend play” in the daily lives of our children and Madame Alexander Dolls help us do just that!

I wanted to put together a little baby doll accessory list for you for your little girl and her babies diaper bag. You can get a lot of these even at the dollar store for super cheap! Remember that these things can be the same thing you would buy for real babies- and Kylie thinks it’s even cooler when it’s something that I would really use!

* bold is a dollar store find

  • Pacis

  • Bottles

  • Bibs

  • Diapers (size premie or newborn)

  • A small pack of to-go tissues for baby wipes

  • Small tote bag or diaper bag

  • Baby spoons

  • Baby bowls

  • Extra outfit

Stick all these things in the bag and you have yourself a little mama training bag! I hope you enjoyed this read! I truly enjoy these dolls and watching my girls love them.

*Sponsored by Madame Alexander- All opinions are my own.

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