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I’m a Michigan native living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I'm a nurse, wife, and momma.  Most of my life revolves around my husband, kids, work, and taking pictures of my girls. I love all the natural wholesome things. Health & Wellness is a passion and I am always looking how to be a healthier me and to help others ditch the awful toxic things that are all around us in todays society. I love essential oils and am currently trying to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Stay Tuned.

Easy Peasy Really Cheesy Lunch Roll Ups!

Easy Peasy Really Cheesy Lunch Roll Ups!

Okay moms- It’s back to school season! Should we jump for joy or cry because our babies are growing up? I’ll let you know what I end up doing. When back to school comes around I love to make fun recipes that we can make fun lunches out of! Kylie packs her lunch mostly everyday but some Fridays! I know the struggles of a budgeted grocery life so I wanted to make an easy lunch ideas for the week under $15! I’m making grilled cheese roll ups in a variety of ways that your kiddos will love! 


Sargento® Colby-Jack Cheese Slices

● Small pepperonis 

● Ham (or turkey- whichever your kids prefer! I do both sometimes) 

● Wheat bread 

● Avocado or Olive oil spray 


Get your bread and toppings ready! 

Add your cheese!


Have your kiddos help you make the roll ups! It’s so easy to have fun with it! Kylie loves helping add the toppings! First were going to make the pizza roll up! 


Once that is done youll have a mini bread pizza! 


Spray the bottom of the pan heavily with EVOO or Avacado Oil! Ditch the butter! This is a great tip someone told me and it tastes delicious! Cook it on medium till the cheese is melted!


Once you do that use a spatula to set it back on your plate and roll it while it is hot! 


All done! This Sargento cheese is the perfect ‘melty” cheese as my daughter calls it!


The other options are Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, or just DOUBLE cheese! 

This blog post is in partnership with Sargento. All opinions are my own.

Madame Alexander Middleton Twins Pretend Play

Madame Alexander Middleton Twins Pretend Play